A Whole New World Lyrics – Song Facts, Trivia, and More

A Whole New World Lyrics

Are you ready to take a magical carpet ride through the enchanting world of “A Whole New World Lyrics”? If you’re an American music enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly been captivated by the timeless allure of this classic Disney song. But did you know there’s more to it than meets the ear? Join us as we dive deep into the heartwarming verses and uncover the fascinating story behind the creation of “A Whole New World.”

Unlocking the Magic of “A Whole New World Lyrics”

“A Whole New World Lyrics” – an enchanting phrase that has been etched into the hearts of Disney fans across generations. This mesmerizing song, from the animated masterpiece Aladdin, has transcended time and space, taking us on a magical journey with Aladdin and Jasmine. In this section, we’ll not only explore the lyrics but also unravel the emotions and intricacies that make this song so special.

A Whole New World lyrics

Yeah…oh yeah.
I can show you the world.
Shining shimmering splendid.
Tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide.
I can open your eyes.
Take you wonder by wonder.
Over sideways and under on a magic carpet ride.

A whole new world.
A new fantastic point of view.
No one to tell us no or where to go or say we’re only dreaming.

A whole new world.
A dazzling place I never knew.
But now from way up here it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.
Unbelievable sights.
Indescribable feeling.
Soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling.
Through an endless diamond sky.

A whole new world.
[Nick:] Don’t you dare close your eyes.
[Jessica:] A hundred thousand things to see.
[Nick:] Hold your breath, it gets better.
[Both:] I’m like a shooting star.
I’ve come so far.
[Jessica:] I can’t go back to where I used to be.

([Nick:] A whole new world.)
[Nick:] With new horizons to pursue.
[Both:] I’ll chase them anywhere, there’s time to spare.
[Nick:] Let me share this whole new world with you.

[Jessica:] Oh a whole new world.
A new fantastic point of view.
[Both:] No one to tell us no or where to go
[Jessica:] or say we’re only dreaming.

([Nick:] A whole new world)
(jessica)Every turn a surprise.
[Nick:] With new horizons to pursue.
([Jessica:] Every moment red letter.)

[Both:] I’ll chase them anywhere, there’s time to spare.
Let me share,
This whole new world with you.

[Nick:] A whole new world.
(jessica)a whole new world.
(nick)thats where well be.
[Jessica:] That’s where we’ll be.
[nick] A thrilling chase.
[jessica:] A wonderous place.
[Both:] For you and…me.

About A Whole New World

Let’s start our journey by delving into the essence of “A Whole New World Lyrics.” These lyrics, penned by the legendary Tim Rice, are a lyrical masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates the sense of wonder, adventure, and love shared by our beloved characters, Aladdin and Jasmine. As you listen to the song, you can’t help but feel a sense of escapism, as if you’re soaring through the skies on a magic carpet of your own.

“A Whole New World” speaks to our inner dreamer, reminding us that there’s a world beyond our everyday lives, waiting to be discovered. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of exploration, where the ordinary is left behind, and the extraordinary takes its place. They beckon us to leave our worries behind and embrace the unknown with open arms. These lyrics are not just words; they are an invitation to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

A “Whole New World” Song Facts & Trivia

Now, let’s sprinkle a bit of stardust on this magical carpet ride and uncover some captivating facts and trivia about “A Whole New World.” Did you know that this song almost didn’t make it into the movie? That’s right! The initial version was deemed too slow and almost cut from Aladdin’s soundtrack. But thanks to the persistence of composer Alan Menken, it found its rightful place and went on to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1993.

Speaking of awards, “A Whole New World” holds the distinction of being the first and only Disney song to reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s a testament to the song’s universal appeal and its ability to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.

Another interesting tidbit is that “A Whole New World” is available in more than 40 languages worldwide, making it a true global sensation. Whether you’re singing along in English or any other language, the message of hope and exploration remains the same.

The Heartfelt Journey of “A Whole New World” Lyrics

Now, let’s dive into the heart of “A Whole New World Lyrics.” The song takes us on a journey from the bustling streets of Agrabah to the starry skies above. Aladdin and Jasmine, two souls from different worlds, find solace and unity in the magic of this song. The lyrics capture their growing connection, as they realize that love knows no boundaries.

As the carpet soars through the clouds, the lyrics reflect the exhilaration and freedom that come with love. They paint a beautiful picture of a couple exploring not only a new world but also their newfound emotions. Lines like “Unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling” evoke the awe-inspiring nature of love, and who among us can’t relate to that feeling of being swept off our feet?

But it’s not just the romance; “A Whole New World” also carries a message of hope and empowerment. It encourages us to break free from the constraints of our comfort zones and embrace the unknown. Just as Aladdin and Jasmine discover a whole new world, the lyrics remind us that we too can embark on journeys of self-discovery and transformation.

The Musical Artistry Behind “A Whole New World” Lyrics

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the musical genius that accompanies “A Whole New World Lyrics.” The song’s melody, composed by Alan Menken, complements the lyrics perfectly. It starts gently, like a whispered promise, and then soars to great heights, mirroring the journey of our beloved characters.

The music and lyrics intertwine seamlessly, creating a symphony of emotions that tugs at our heartstrings. As Aladdin and Jasmine’s voices harmonize, it’s as if two souls are merging into one, and we can’t help but be moved by their love story.

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In the end, “A Whole New World Lyrics” is not just a song; it’s a testament to the power of music and storytelling. It’s a reminder that in the midst of our everyday lives, there’s always room for magic and adventure. So, the next time you listen to this enchanting melody, let the lyrics transport you to a world of wonder, where love knows no bounds, and the possibilities are endless.


What are the lyrics to “A Whole New World”?

A Whole New World is a song from the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin. The lyrics were written by Tim Rice, and the song is sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga.

Who sang “A Whole New World” in the original Aladdin movie?

“A Whole New World” was performed by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga in the original version of the Aladdin movie.

Are there different versions of the song “A Whole New World”?

Yes, there are different versions of the song “A Whole New World.” In addition to the original version sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga, there have been other versions recorded by artists like Regina Belle and Peabo Bryson, Jessica Simpson, and Zayn and Zhavia Ward.

Who performed the duet version of “A Whole New World”?

The duet version of “A Whole New World” was performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle.

Is “A Whole New World” a Disney song?

Yes, “A Whole New World” is a song from a Disney movie. It is one of the most popular songs from the Aladdin soundtrack.

What are some other famous Disney songs?

Some other famous Disney songs include “Beauty and the Beast” (sung by Angela Lansbury), “Let It Go” (sung by Idina Menzel), and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (sung by Elton John).

Who originally sang “A Whole New World”?

“A Whole New World” was originally sung by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga in the 1992 Disney movie Aladdin.

Can you share some of the notable lyrics from “A Whole New World”?

Some notable lyrics from “A Whole New World” include “A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view,” “I can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid,” and “Open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder.”

Who sang “A Whole New World” in the live-action Aladdin movie?

In the live-action Aladdin movie released in 2019, “A Whole New World” was performed by Zayn and Zhavia Ward.

Are there any other versions of “A Whole New World” planned for future releases?

As of now, there are no officially announced additional versions of “A Whole New World” planned for future releases. However, new versions or covers of popular songs are often released in the future, so keep an eye out for any updates.


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