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Human Again Lyrics

The Human Again lyrics resonate as a testament to the intricate emotions and experiences that define our shared humanity. In this lyrical composition, the essence of what it means to be human is beautifully captured, delving into the complexities of existence, connection, and the pursuit of self-discovery. Through poignant verses and evocative melodies, the lyrics encapsulate the yearning to reclaim a sense of authenticity, vulnerability, and renewal, encapsulating a universal journey of rediscovering the facets that make us truly human. Explore the evocative Human Again lyrics, a profound reflection on the human experience, vulnerability, and self-discovery through emotive melodies.

Human Again Lyrics

Ha ha, we, my friends.
The day we have waited for may be at hand!

Mrs. Potts:
Oh, only if that were true, Lumiere!

Aaah…human again

Mrs. Potts:
Human again

Yes, think of what that means!

I’ll be cooking again
Be good-looking again
With a mademoiselle on each arm
When I’m human again
Only human again
Poised and polished and gleaming with charm…

I’ll be courting again
Chic and sporting again

Mrs. Potts:
Which should cause sev’ral husbands alarm!

I’ll hop down off the shelf

And toute suite be myself

I can’t wait to be human again

Mme. De La Grande Bouche, Mrs. Potts, Babette:
When we’re human again
Only human again
When we’re knickknacks and whatnots no more

Little push, little shove
They coul, whoosh fall in love

Mme. De La Grande Bouche:
Ah, cherie, won’t it all be top-drawer

I’ll wear lipstick and rouge
And I won’t be so huge
Why, I’ll easily fit through that door
I’ll exude savior-faire
I’ll wear gowns! I’ll have hair!
It’s my prayer to be human again


When I’m human again
Only human again
When the world once more making sense
I’ll unwind for a change

Really? That’d be strange!

Can I help it if I’m t-t-tense?

In a shack by the sea
I’ll sit back sipping tea
Let my early retirement commence
Far from fool made of wax
I’ll get down to brass tacks and relax

When I’m human again

So sweep the dust from the floor!
Let’s let some light in the room!
I can feel, I can tell
Someone might break the spell
Any day now!

Shine up the brass on the door!
Alert the dustpail and the broom!

If all goes as planned\
Our time may be at hand
Any day now!

Mrs. Potts, Egg Timer, Whisk:
Open the shutters and let in some air

Mrs. Potts:
Put these here and put those over there

Sweep up the years
Of sadness and tears
And throw them away!

When Guenevere heard that Arthur was slain, she went away
to a convent, and no one could make her smile again.
The end.

What a beautiful story

Oh, I knew you would like it!
I would like to ask you something

What’s that?

A second chance.
Would you have dinner with me tonight?

Huh? Me? You? Well, that would be, I mean — Oh, yes!!

When we’re human again
Only human again
When the girl fin’lly sets us all free
Cheeks a-bloomin’ again
We’re assumin’ again
We’ll resume our long lost joie de vie
We’ll be playin’ again
Holiday’ again
And we’re prayin’ it’s A-S-A-P

When we cast off this pall
We’ll stand straight, we’ll walk tall
When we’re all that we were
Thanks to him, thanks to her
Coming closer and closer
And closer and…

We’ll be dancing again!
We’ll be twirling again!

We’ll be whirling around with such ease
When we’re human again
Only human again
We’ll go waltzing those old one-two-threes

We’ll be floating again!
We’ll be gliding again!
Stepping, striding as fine as you please
Like a real human does
I’ll be all that I was
On that glorious morn
When we’re fin’lly reborn
And we’re all of us human again!

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What is the inspiration behind the “Human Again” lyrics?

The lyrics draw inspiration from the intricate emotions and experiences that define our shared humanity.

What themes do the “Human Again” lyrics explore?

The lyrics delve into themes of authenticity, vulnerability, self-discovery, and the pursuit of connection.

Who wrote the “Human Again” lyrics?

The lyrics were penned by Alan Menken, capturing the essence of the human experience.

What emotions do the “Human Again” lyrics evoke?

The lyrics evoke a mix of introspection, nostalgia, and the desire to reclaim one’s true self.

How do the “Human Again” lyrics relate to personal growth?

The lyrics mirror the journey of self-discovery, highlighting the process of rediscovering one’s core identity.

Has “Human Again” been performed by notable artists?

Yes, renowned artists like Jorja Chalmers have lent their voices to bring the emotive “Human Again” lyrics to life.

What makes the “Human Again” lyrics universally relatable?

The lyrics resonate with people from all walks of life, encapsulating the universal quest for authenticity and meaning.


In the enchanting lyrics of “Human Again,” a captivating narrative of rediscovery unfolds, capturing the intricate tapestry of human emotions and experiences. Through its poignant verses and evocative melodies, the song touches on the universal themes of authenticity, vulnerability, and self-discovery. The desire to reclaim a sense of humanity resonates deeply, reminding us all of our shared journey to reconnect with our true selves. These lyrics, brought to life through the enchanting voices of the characters, evoke a powerful longing for renewal and growth. As we listen, we are reminded of our innate human capacity for transformation and the enduring pursuit of connection that unites us all.

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